Born in Oregon, raised in Perth, trained in Melbourne

Morgan is an Architecture graduate with a love for making. She completed her M-Arch degree at the University of Melbourne where she has been honing her skills in digital design and fabrication; working at the faculty’s fabrication workshop. Her work sits at the intersection of digital design and craft where the two methods inform each other, playing an important role in her design process.

Throughout her studies, work and personal projects she has developed a fascination for materials- how they look, feel, behave, where they come from and where they go afterwards. Across architecture and furniture disciplines she sees waste as an opportunity in design.

Alongside material processes, her passion for design lies in the relationships between the body, objects and space; influencing human behaviour. “I believe that good design never neglects the human scale- the fine grain-even in the largest urban scale projects. These are the textures in which we live and they directly affect how we feel and behave in our environments.”


Melbourne Fringe 2017: Best Design- Sustainable Material and Practice (CMYK Chair)

Melbourne Fringe 2017: Best Student Design (CMYK Chair)


Salone Satellite 2019 (CMYK Stool): Melbourne Movement, Salone del Mobile Milano 2019

Welcome to Wasteland, presented by Friends & Associates (CMYK Stool); Melbourne Design Week 2019

Salone Satellite 2018 (CMYK Chair): Melbourne Movement, Salone del Mobile Milano 2018

Melbourne Fringe 2017 (CMYK Chair)


Published in the Upfront section of Green Magazine: Issue 62 (CMYK Chair)